Photos from Our Members

Thanks to Greg Fullmer, many photos from Bayou Haystacker Trips are now available in his Webshots album:

Boiling CrrekPhotos from Boiling Creek
July 4th Weekend, 2005

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The group on Red Creek.

Photo by Bill Evans.

Fueling up after the Red Creek Wine and Cheese overnighter.

Photo by Patricia Fontova.

John F. Bruney scratching manatee's chin. (Homossassa Springs).

Photo by John Bruney

Liette and Aaron Bruney rubbing the manatee's tummy. (Homossassa Springs).

Photo by John Bruney

Horn Island buffalo cove Alaska

Aaron Bruney up close and personal with a manatee. (Homossassa Springs).

Photo by John Bruney

Group shot on Horn Island.

Photo submitted by Mimi Clifton.

In the cypress trees - Buffalo Cove, Atchafalaya Basin.

Photo by Chris Doré.

Juliette and her friend Bob on Skilak Lake, Alaska.

Photo submitted by Juliette Navratilova.

Cliff Lake

Jennifer and Friends Group Photo Maggie and Louise

From left to right- member Jen Torres, her niece, Melissa Lachapelle and her sister Stephanie King on beautiful Cliff Lake in the BWACW in northern Minnesota, July 2001. The fifth day of a grueling 7 day adventure.

Photo by Rick King.

Jennifer Torres, Melissa Lachapelle and Stephanie King on the way to Winchell Lake, BWCAW. July 2001.

Photo by Rick King

Group photo on Lake Verret - Roberta, Darren, Chris, and Ritchie Labat. Hans was taking the picture.

Photo by Hans Brandl submitted by Chris Doré.

Louise and Maggie (the dog) in Louise's new boat. Chris Doré built the boat.

Photo by Chris Doré.


Greg Ship Island

Canoes Okatoma Kayaks Okatoma

Here’s River Peterson in his new Wilderness Systems Piccolo.

Photo by Scott Peterson

Photo of Greg Bailey taken by his brother Rod on the way to Ship Island. It was taken between east and west Ship in the Camille Cut, where the water naturally makes some waves.

Photo by Rod Bailey

Canoes on the Okatoma.

Individual photos by Scott Peterson.

Kayaks on the Okatoma.

Individual photos by Scott Peterson.

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There are more photos from our members on Yahoo groups.