Boiling Creek Outing - July 4th Weekend, 2005
PutIn-toPaddleUpstream MimiPatMartinaHulin BuckPondMorning PutInWithWestFLClub
Launching to Paddle Upstream Saturday Afternoon Paddling on Boiling Creek Saturday Afternoon Buckpond in the Morning At the Put-In on Sunday Morning with the West Florida Canoe Club
MimiOnBoilingCreek WheresGary TheGroup CoolingOff
Mimi Paddling on Boiling Creek Mimi, Pat, Hulin and Martina - That water was cold! The Group - Mimi, Pat, Hulin, Martina and Gary
VarietyOfBoats pitcherPlants BoilingCreek rookery2
Variety of Boats Pitcher Plants Boiling Creek Rookery
Rookery3 Rookery WaterLilies WaterIsSoClear
Rookery Rookery Water Lilies Boiling Creek is Very Clear
BuckpondEvening HappyHour HulinRecitingPoetry2 PatLaughing
Buckpond in the Afternoon Happy Hour Hulin Reciting Poetry Pat Laughing
MartinaLaughing HulinLaughing HulinRecitingPoetry

Thanks to Gary Smith for Taking these pictures.

Martina Laughing Hulin Laughing Hulin Reciting More Poetry  
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