Photos from Cane Bayou Paddle and Crawfish Boil
These are in no particular order. The sequence was automatically generated by the computer. There are quite a few pictures on this page so it may take several seconds for the page to fully load. Photos by: Wendy Dupeire, Scott Peterson, Robb Wiltse and Patricia Fontova.
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Cane_Alligator1 Cane_Alligator2 Cane_Alligator3 Cane_Alligator4 Cane_Ann
Cane_Anna Cane_Bev Cane_Cars Cane_DarrylKissNancy Cane_Dave_Phillip
Cane_Gary Cane_Hager Cane_Hulin Cane_Leonard Cane_Nancy
Cane_Pat Cane_PhilCJS Cane_Philip Cane_Robb_Bev Cane_Shirlen
Cane_Shirlen_PhilC Cane_Stephen_Bev Cane_Stephen2 Cane_WalterT Cane_Woody
Cane_Woody2 Cane004 Cane011 Cane016 Cane021
Cane023 Cane024 Cane029 Cane030 Cane033
Cane035 Cane036 Cane10 Cane11 Cane12
Cane13 Cane14 Cane15 Cane16 Cane18
Cane2 Cane21 Cane23 Cane25 Cane26
Cane30 Cane31 Cane32 Cane33 Cane35
Cane36 Cane37 Cane39 Cane41 Cane42
Cane43 Cane44 Cane45 Cane7 Cane8
Cane9 CaneBayou WalterDCanoe  
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