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Horn Island Via Ocean Springs MS
by Bob Mercer Wrk 504-728-4263 Hm 985-652-6484

Trip Description: Horn Island, one in the chain of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, is too large and interesting for a brief description. The beaches are beautiful, white sand, with the typical dunes you find on barrier islands. There are lots of pine trees and scrub oak with sea oats near the shore and areas of marsh inland. There are several lagoons that can give you an enchanting view of wildlife. Osprey nests dot the sky from their lofty, pine perches and fish abound. I was surprised to even see an alligator. I thought it would be too salty for them. These lagoons are a paddling paradise. The water is too shallow for almost any kind of powerboat to enter. Take note of landmarks when you enter a lagoon. Finding your way back out can take some time, otherwise. Then again, it is a pleasant place to lose your self for a few hours.

Notes: The trip is not one Id recommend for a beginner to take solo. It is an open water crossing that includes one of the busier commercial waterways (The Intracoastal Waterway). The water in the Sound is generally not too rough, but it can kick up rather quickly from a squall or wind change. If the weather is nice, the paddle is not too severe. It is only a little over six miles from the put-in to the island, but you will want to spend time in the lagoons as well. I recommend an over-nighter to really see the place. However, you may not stay near the ruins by the west end. There was a fire near there and it is restricted until the area has a chance to recover.

Best times for this trip are spring and fall. Mid-summer heat can be a problem. Also be prepared to battle mosquitoes, gnats and sand flies. Bring lots of sun-block. Stingrays are common. Just remember to slide your feet instead of taking steps while wading.

Directions: The trip is just over 100 miles from Metairie, Here are the directions from MapPoint.
Summary: 107.1 miles (1 hour, 57 minutes)






9:00 AM


Depart I-10 Exit 229 on Ramp (West)

0.1 mi

Bonnabel Blvd

9:02 AM


Merge onto I-10 (East)

0.8 mi

9:03 AM


Continue (East) on I-610

4.4 mi

I-610 / Slidell

9:08 AM


At I-610 Exit 4, turn off onto Ramp

0.5 mi

Louisa St / Almonaster Blvd

9:09 AM


Merge onto I-10 (North-East)

92.8 mi

9:44 AM


Entering Mississippi

10:39 AM


At I-10 Exit 57, turn off onto Ramp

0.3 mi

10:39 AM


Merge onto SR-57 (South)

3.1 mi

10:45 AM


Turn RIGHT (West) onto Old Spanish Trail

0.1 mi

10:46 AM


Turn LEFT (South) onto Hammill Farm Rd

1.0 mi

10:48 AM


Turn LEFT (East) onto Fountainbleau Rd

0.3 mi

10:49 AM


Bear RIGHT (South) onto Belle Fountaine Rd

0.4 mi

10:50 AM


Continue (South) on Belle Fountain Dr [Belle Fontaine Rd]

0.9 mi

10:52 AM


Continue (South) on Elm St

43 yds

10:52 AM


Bear LEFT (South-East) onto Main St

1.7 mi

10:56 AM


Turn RIGHT (West) onto S Belle Fountaine Dr [E Belle Fountain Rd]

0.3 mi

10:57 AM


Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s)

153 yds

Not sure about this distance, but you cant miss the water tower

10:57 AM


Arrive at Public Beach by Lighthouse (actually a water tower).

That looks like a lighthouse.