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Lac DesAllemands Trip (December 2000) - by Ritchie Labat

We met at the Kremer Bridge 9:00 am and then were off to the launch where we unloaded our boats. Leaving the launch we started with a good wind coming out of the southwest and paddled 1½ miles out to the lake.

On the lake we hugged the south shore and continued to Bay Chevreuil. Once we arrived in the bay we took the bayou to Bayou Chevreuil. The wind was really whipping up and we were able to sail down the bayou by just holding our paddles in the air! This was giving us about a 4 mph push. When we arrived in Bayou Chevreuil we headed west about a mile and broke for lunch on a willow tree lined bank.

After lunch we headed back to the lake - this is where it gets interesting! The clouds behind us got very dark. The wind was blowing so hard that it sounded like a huge waterfall and was pushing us against the north side of the bayou. Then it began to rain.We took the turn and began heading back to the bay. We were now in a 30 mph wind and the rain got stronger. As we got to the opening of the bay the wind began gusting to 40 mph. It was literally blowing the water off the bay and straight at us. Luckily we were able to hide behind a small marsh island at the edge of the bay. As the wind blew we discussed calling a family member for a “rescue”.

Crossing the lake we had about 2’ high capping swells which gave us a good push to the northeast. We all made it safe to the south shore and paddled east. By this time the wind had slowed a little and we were again able to sail in with our paddles in the air. By the time the worst of the front had passed we paddled through to the lake and into Bayou Boeuf. As we got to the launch the sun began to shine. We all talked about how much fun we had and how we valued the experience. What a trip!

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(Photos by John Cushing).

Hulin in Bayou Boeuf

Ritchie and Hans approaching the Lake Ritchie and Hans in squall (Christy in foreground) Hulin and Martina in Squall.