BHPC Trip Information - Venue Data Sheet
Bayou Haystackers Canoe Club Venue Data Sheet - Lock 3 to Lock 1(Sun, LA)

Name: Thomas D. Dumas                                     Date: 9/28/97

Venue Name/Date of Trip: Lock 3 to Lock 1 Trip Date:9/97

City/Par./St: Put in is at Sun, LA. take out is at Pearl River, LA.

Getting There

Approx. route: From Covington, LA , take LA 21 North to Sun LA. At Sun, take a right at the Pearl River Lock #3 sign. Dirve to the end of the lock road and you will see the a boat launch. Paddle east on the canal until you see the dam on your left. Be careful portaging the dam. Then you are on the river.

To get to the take out, go south on LA 21 to 41 South to sign for Lock #1. Go to end of lock road to the boat launch. (Sorry these directions aren't the best, see a map for best results.)


Venue type : flatwater [], movingwater [X], whitewater [], coastal []

Outfitter: None that I know of .

Boat rentals available: yes [], no [x] cost:

Hazard/safety notes: There is a dam which must be portaged. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN THE DAM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Also, there are strainers. Get a topo map of the area so you will pick the right route.

Gauge name/location: You can check the level by checking the stage of the Pearl River at Pearl River Times-Picayune. I have done this trip at many levels, but I would not recommend it at or above flood stage. At low water, there are huge sandbars on the Pearl, but not too many on the Bogue Chitto.

too high at__________ft., too low at_________ft., o.k. at___________ft


 Disclaimer: This information is true to the best of the writer's knowledge, and is only intended to be a general guide to paddling the waterway. Feel free to print it out, and use it. If you can add to it, please do so and then mail it back to Tom Dumas 1721 Mill Gardens Dr. Ponchatoula, LA 70454-3541. (504) 342-3861. Canoeing and kayaking are potentially dangerous sports.  Please do not paddle any waters without proper equipment, instruction, and knowledge of the waterway you plan to paddle.  Or email comments to Tom Dumas