BHPC Trip Information

Ruddock Canal

Trip Description -- We took this trip for our Jan 1, 1998 paddle. About 25 club members showed-up.

Take I-55 to the Ruddock exit. (These directions are not very detailed, get a map for details.)  Just north of the exit, you will see a parking lot for the boat ramp. Put-in here. Paddle north in the canal which parallels I-55 till you reach some camps, and you will see Ruddock Canal on your left. You can take this canal to the lake. Follow the shore of the lake (watch for cypress knees under the surface) for as long as time permits and retrace your route for the return.  This is basically a flat-water paddle, but you can encounter winds and waves when you reach the lake.

Notes: There are no canoe rentals available at the put-in. Also, though it is slightly difficult to find dry, solid ground and the cypress stumps and knees make it hard to get to shore, one can usually find a nice spot for a lunch break.

Disclaimer: This information is true to the best of the writer's knowledge, and is only intended to be a general guide to paddling the waterway. Feel free to print it out, and use it. If you can add to it, please do so and then send it to Tom Dumas. Canoeing and kayaking are potentially dangerous sports.  Please do not paddle any waters without proper equipment, instruction, and knowledge of the waterway you plan to paddle.  Or email comments to